Help us

In the present situation, the BAT-EARED FOX PROJEKT is not in position to finance itself by own means. That’s why we are dependent on your personal assistance.

Although we are trying hard to keep our expenses on a low level using second hand gear and private means, we cannot work completely for free.

How YOU may help us:

Make us a donation in favour of the BAT-EARED FOX PROJEKT. The project is registered as an “Incorporated Association Not for Gainin Namibia and Germany. Therefore all donations may declared as tax-deductible expenses. We are looking forward to draw up a receipt for your donation. Please use our donations account. Details you’ll find at the bottom of this page

The expenses of the BAT-EARED FOX PROJEKT are two kind of costs:

  • First of all the so called gateway costs, mainly single purchases like technical equipment, off-road vehicles and camping equipment to work in the field. Especially radio-collars for the animals and radios for ourselves are very expensive.
  • Second we do have the monthly burdens like the rent for our office in Windhoek, maintenance of the vehicles, telecommunication fees. Additional we do need films for our photo- and video camera.

Have your part in the realisation of this pioneer project by helping us with financial or material means or personal commitment as your tribute to preserve Africa’s animal world.

The members of the BAT-EARED FOX PROJEKT, scientists, friends and supporter all together with people, interested in nature will be thankful for any kind of support. So that our animal world will not only survive within the borders of the protected National Parks.

Donations account

Margit Du Toit

Dresdner Bank, Dortmund, Germany